How We Help


This can be a very challenging process for some people and so we offer learners/beginners a safe learning environment in a modern, clean dual controlled car and easy to follow instruction, so that you can gain confidence. You can learn at your own pace no matter what your ability.

Restricted licence:

Our short intensive courses can get you to test standard quickly and easily by designing a lesson plan for you. You will learn to drive safely and confidently and at the same time teach you how to pass the restricted test. Short courses — fast results

Full licence:

By the time you reach the full test your driving will probably still be at a high standard so one or two refresher lessons may be required. If you have not driven for some time a refresher course can be taken to help you pass the full test.

Overseas conversion:

One of the toughest obstacles for new migrants or foreign students is finding their way around the New Zealand licensing system. Under our guidance we will familiarise you with New Zealand driving culture and traffic law. Language need not be a barrier as Excel Driver Training have extensive experience with all migrant communities.


Has it been a while since you passed your driving test? Or are you a bit rusty and need to brush up your skills? Maybe you need a confidence boost or a bit of motivation to finish off your driving? Refresher courses can be in your car or in an Excel Driver Training car. You get the benefit of a professional driving instructor’s expertise to keep you on the right road again. If you don’t fit into any of the categories above, don’t worry – Excel Driver Training can design a lesson plan just for you. It costs nothing to call us and discuss your licence requirements.

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