How To Get Your Driving Licence

New Zealand has a graduated driver licensing system.There are three stages to it and you need to pass each one in order to obtain your full driving license.

The first stage is the learner license, to get this you need to be at least 16 years old and have passed the theory test.

The second stage is the restricted practical driving test. This is by far is the most difficult test to pass.You will need to demonstrate a near perfect drive for almost one hour on various types of roads which have been selected to test you on all aspects of driving .

At Excel driver training I do as the name suggests ‘I excel at driver training’. I practice with you in Whanganui on the roads you are likely to take on your test. I identify driving faults and we practice until the faults are corrected or new driving techniques are learned.

Then we can start Test training and build up your driving stamina. This is the reason why a two hour lesson is so important , as it gives you the experience of the long driving test.

Many people fail the driving test for three main reasons.

(1)  Driving Knowledge – not knowing the correct way to drive and not being able to take instructions from the testing officer.

(2)  Lack of Driving Stamina – If you only drive for one hour at a time, it is easy to make a simple mistake towards the end of the test due to lack of concentration.

(3)  Nerves – I do my absolute best to prepare you for the test and build up your confidence levels. You can use the driving school car for the test and I provide a very successful warm up lesson just prior to your test, which increases the chances of you passing.

The Final Stage is the Full Test

This test is 30 minutes long. It is more like a refresher test to make sure you’re driving standard has been maintained.

A hazard perception aspect has been included, this requires you to talk about potential hazards and what you need to do about them.

I find most of my students come back for a short refresher course to sharpen up their skills, but most of the hard work has already been done at the restricted stage.