About Us

“Excel Driver Training understands you and will make a tailor made plan to meet your driving needs no matter what your ability.

We will motivate you and give you the confidence to be a safe driver in the Whanganui region.”

Instructor – James Whitaker

James has been driver training and teaching for over 20 years and has many years of successful driver training in West Auckland.

James is

  • is fully qualified and NZTA approved
  • is up to date with the road rules
  • will help you pass your test
  • worked as a training officer at the Instructor College in the UK, teaching instructors as well as students
  • is friendly and approachable
  • wants you to achieve a good standard of driving
  • wants you to pass your next driving test

Why Do I Need Lessons?

  • Lessons save money
  • Lessons are essential for people to learn the correct way of driving.
  • Lessons reduce the risk of accidents, therefore reducing insurance excesses and injury to yourself and others.
  • Lessons will prepare you for big city driving conditions and will help your defensive driving skills.
  • You will gain confidence for driving in busy traffic conditions.
  • To keep alive
  • To help build up mental stamina for long distance driving (e.g. to Wellington, Auckland, New Plymouth)

We are not testing officers, so we cannot take you for a driving test. You will take your test with a testing officer who will appraise your driving skills over a variety of tasks and they make the decision. We prepare you for your driving test by giving you a mock test. That means we assess your driving skills to check that you are up to test standard and would pass. It is expensive and disappointing to fail, so let us train you first.

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