James is really cool. He taught me to drive and told me all about road safety and how to be a good driver. It didn’t take long to learn and I passed my restricted test in five weeks. I have recommended him to other friends through his website and they are glad they took lessons as well. It was so much quicker than learning with mum and dad, and less stress.

Jeff., Henderson

Before I met James, I had failed  my driving test twice, it was my nerves that got me. James has such a lovely way of talking and calming me down. He even sat in the car on my test as my support person. I remember him saying’ I can be your mascot’. Thank you and I will see you for my full test in six months

Cathy., West Harbour

I really appreciate the way James helped me book the driving test at the test centre, the process was made so easy. I liked the two-hour lesson he provided. I had an instructor before, but all we did was the same lesson over and over again without ever going to Westgate. Thanks a million.

Jason.,Te Atatu South.

I never thought I would be able to drive in New Zealand. I am from overseas and I am a shy person. English is not my first language. James taught me how to drive and helped me to gain enough confidence to pass my test. He is very friendly and understanding.

Manuel., Blockhouse Bay

I thought I was a good driver as I had been driving in India for 20 years. When I came to New Zealand I had to pass the practical test. I took the test three times and failed each time. I saw James at the test centre when he was teaching and I talked to him about the test. In a two hour lesson he demonstrated all the things I needed to do to pass it, and I did. Thank you, James.”

Chandrica., Sandringham